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We offer a professional training program at Kambo Casita, catering to those wishing to enrich their personal lives, connect more deeply with the frog modality, or learn professional facilitation. Our technique for serving Kambo bridges traditional wisdom and spiritual connection with over 15-years of experiencing in serving modern health conditions.

Our program includes 4 main elements and is divided into 4 levels so that our trained facilitators have both developed a personal relationship with the medicine and completed periods under supervision. Our intention is not to create a certification completed within a week or two, but instead to develop and support people on a lifelong journey with Kambo. With established mentorship and assisting periods, you will move through the levels as you and your teachers see fit.



Move through four levels for self-healing, strengthening your relationship with the medicine, and immersion.



Facilitators-in-training completes an apprenticeship and work under the support of a mentor to develop their own practice.



Explore the art and science of Kambo, understanding the history of the medicine and different techniques to provide to a wide range of conditions.



Receive access to a network of medicine supplies , our session database, medicine elders, and a community of facilitators around the world.

4 levels of kambo training

Level I

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Our first level of training is designed for you to embark on your personal healing journey with Kambo.

  • Learn the basics of burning, mixing, and applying to yourself.

  • Review basic history, science, and techniques.

  • Practice holding space for yourself and others during the medicine.

  • Be supervised while self-applying and receive feedback.

  • Sit in a private consultation about the best methods for serving to yourself based on your health and emotional goals.

Please note​: Completion of this level of training is for self-application only. We do not recommend or support the serving of Kambo on others at this level of training.


Level II

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Our second level of training allows future facilitators to go deeper in their relationship with Kambo and receive instruction on serving others.

  • Learn about contraindications, techniques for serving to those with different health conditions, and creating a safe space.

  • Administer the medicines Rapé and Sananga.

  • Gain experience serving other participants and holding a Kambo Clinic for Costa Rican locals.

  • Explore different tools and unlock your own intuition for supporting and processing clients in their healing and integration journey.

  • Familiarize yourself with operating a Kambo practice, such as setting up intake and consent forms, communicating professionally and nonviolently, and creating a sacred space.

Level III

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Our third level of training is a period of apprenticeship for our trained facilitators to gain practical learning experience. Starting after Level II, you will be matched with a trusted facilitator in your area or engage in a work-study program at Kambo Casita.

  • Prepare for an effective and well-rounded ​practice by assisting Kambo facilitators.

  • Develop a relationship with a mentor through regular communication to support your education and development.

  • Begin serving clients one-on-one when you and your mentor determine that you are ready.

Level Iv

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Our fourth and final level of training is to experience Kambo in the Amazon.

Santa Casa Immersion

  • Volunteer at Santa Casa, a free healing hospital in the Céu do Mapiá community in Brazil

  • Learn from Clara Shinobu Iura, a founding member of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, a Madrinha (Godmother) of the Santo Daime, and the founder/principal healer at Santa Casa.

  • Experience Kambo as used by the Santo Daime in combination with the sacrament, along with other plants of the forest.

Matses Immersion

  • Travel to the Peruvian Amazon to experience Kambo ("Acate") with the Matses tribe over a week.

  • Receive Nunu, their blend of Rapé.

  • Go on a night trip to meet the frog and harvest Kambo.

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of that candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.

- Gautama Buddha

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