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Nadine Purdy originally founded Kambo Casita as a platform for individuals to come together, heal, integrate, and learn. Today, the family has grown to include people across the globe who have entered into this deep process together. We are humbled and honored to be a part of your path and our planet's metamorphosis.


Nadine Purdy  was drawn to this path after experiencing challenging events that caused her to search for new modalities of healing. After Kambo saved her life, there was no question that her journey would be to serve it; as she likes to say, she didn't choose to do this but the medicine chose her. Nadine left the high-intensity fashion world to follow her ancestry's path of medicine women - holding these medicines is in her blood.

Nadine has over 19 years of experience with these modalities and has trained with many traditions, including those from Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico. Though she has learned from many sources, her foundation is the Santo Daime, an Ayahuasca-based spiritual group that returns to the pure essence of love and light. Nadine draws from these teachings in combination with her own knowledge of Western dis-ease to create a personal, safe space based on the individual receiver. She has experience in supporting the healing of many conditions, from chronic illnesses and cancer to addiction and those looking for spiritual growth.

Nadine is highly skilled in facilitating a safe and sacred space. She incorporates sound and energy healing techniques as guidance throughout your experience. She has been initiated into and holds a sacred contract with each modality she serves. All the treatments used are ethically sourced from longstanding relationships that have been developed on a mutual respect for the spirits, the energy put into harvesting, and the planet.


Kambo Casita is a spiritual awakening center, providing healing and education using the sacred plants and wisdom traditions of indigenous cultures. 


Kambo Casita’s sacred plants are only sourced from the most trusted and highly respected indigenous communities around the world through relationships that have been built for over 20 years.


Located in Samara, Costa Rica in a peaceful hilltop setting within 0.6 mi of tranquil beaches, Kambo Casita’s highly trained facilitators have been providing safe, ethical, personalized healing experiences for those seeking to grow and remember their true, Divine Essence. 


We offer services on an individual or small group basis, ensuring you feel safe, expressed, heard, and well-nourished.

Kambo Casita’s mission is to raise the evolution of collective consciousness through healing, liberation, service, and love.

The exact location will be shared after your confirmation.



Kambo Casita offers rooms with balconies and breathtaking views of Sámara Bay. This is a wonderful place to rest and rejuvenate before or after your ceremony(s).


Each air-conditioned room has an amazingly comfortable mattress, personal refrigerator, a private bathroom, a spacious balcony good for yoga or meditation, and access to our shared pool. All of our rooms are surrounded by tropical gardens where you can rest, rejuvenate, process, and observe monkeys, iguanas, and other wildlife. 


During your stay, you will receive 3 organic farm-to-table home-cooked meals by one of our friendly, experienced Tico chefs. (Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions before your stay.) 


Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to CONSOLE; to be understood as to UNDERSTAND; to be loved as to LOVE. For it is in the giving that WE RECEIVE; it is in the pardoning that WE ARE PARDONED; and it is in the dying that WE ARE BORN TO ETERNAL LIFE.
- Prayer of St. Francis
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