Whether you have had a powerful plant medicine experience and want support integrating what you saw and felt, or feel called to have an experience with us, Kambo Casita will be there for you to help digest and further understand these thoughts and visualizations as well as apply and implement their meanings into your everyday life.


Integration following a ceremony is an opportunity to learn more and get the most out of working with these medicines. The incredible insights we receive through this work have the potential to be stressful and disheartening if we return to an unchanged home environment without support on how to move forward. While the medicine journey is often described as ten years of insight in one night, it doesn’t always equate to ten years worth of change. Integration is what brings our new understandings into our reality.

Integration Coaches

Wendy Lieber is an IAKP certified Master Kambo Provider, and a certified Psychedelic Integration Coach and Psycho-Spiritual and Addiction Recovery Coach. She has been serving earth medicines for four years.  Additionally, she is certified in the wellness modalities of yoga, sound therapy, and craniosacral therapy.


Her journey with earth medicines has been the catalyst in a transformation from disconnection and fear to peace, joy, connection & purpose. Her true passion is supporting people upon their paths of transformation and connection with their higher selves.

Chrissy Sandwen, MSW is a transpersonal psychedelic integration coach certified by Being True to You. She specializes in supporting clients as they prepare for and integrate plant medicine experiences. She believes in the innate inner healing intelligence of each one of us and provides a supportive, non-judgmental, and heart-centered space in which clients can explore their shadows and light while healing themselves.  She is also trained in emotional release, meditation, and perceptual awareness techniques that prolong the benefits of medicine use and help move clients to deeper states of acceptance, peace, and wellbeing.  

Annie Ladino came to the medicine during a period of her life when she was seeking deep emotional and physical healing. Her passion is to spread this beautiful modality with an accessible, grounded approach to her family, friends, and anyone looking to walk a path of healing and awakening.


During her Saturn Return, Annie discovered astrology while working alongside Susan Miller, the resident astrologer at Elle Magazine. Her world and spirituality expanded through this understanding of planetary energies. The significance of awareness of cycles and personality expression through astrology in Annie’s own life inspired her to deepen her spiritual studies.   

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