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Ayahuasca is a tea that has been used in sacred ceremonies for thousands of years. It is made from the combination of a vine (B. caapi/Jagube) and a leaf (Chacruna/Rainha). These two plants act in synchronicity: as an MAOI, the vine prevents the stomach from metabolizing the DMT from the leaf. This basic brew has been used by many cultures across South America and has many names, among them Daime and Yagé



Ayahuasca unravels the psyche and goes deep within the unconscious mind, allowing the drinker insight and release of energetic blockages, "dis-ease," and emotional/psycho-spiritual imbalances.

Kambo Casita offers Ayahuasca from the Santo Daime in Brazil, made during a special process called "feitio." Women gather and clean the leaves while men pound the vines. Throughout the two weeks in which it is cooked, the medicine is never once left; the entire time, it is prayed and sang over. This incorporates the teachings of the Santo Daime into the medicine, which brings love and light into our ceremonies.

Your experience at Kambo Casita will be in a small group, whether you organize private work or drink as part of a retreat. The ceremony is an eclectic mix of shamanic traditions, including music, meditations, energy work, and silence. For more information, please contact us.

AYAHUASCA: She is the mother of all medicine. A tool to help you FIND YOURSELF, to KNOW YOURSELF, by destroying the image of who you think you are, and ILLUMINATING THE TRUTH.
The knowledge that you can acquire from ayahuasca is not imparted from the Great Cosmic Serpent, or from a source outside of yourself. THIS IS AN INNER JOURNEY, where only LOVE and FAITH can guide you."
- Don Juanito
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