Really, the fundamental, ULTIMATE MYSTERY - the only thing you need to know to understand the DEEPEST METAPHYSICAL SECRETS - is this: that FOR EVERY OUTSIDE THERE IS AN INSIDE and FOR EVERY INSIDE THERE IS AN OUTSIDE, and although they are different, THEY GO TOGETHER
- Alan Watts

Iboga root bark is a powerful medicine from the Bwiti tribe of Africa, used for centuries in rites of passage, healing, and hunting. Interacting with neurotransmitter systems in the body, it increases serotonin in the brain. It is commonly (and very successfully) used to treat addiction among other physical diseases.


During the experience, one may receive a direct communication channel to the higher self, answers to questions, and a clear mission moving forward. By creating new neural pathways in the brain, Iboga clears and resets the nervous system, calibrates brain activity, and opens one to receive transmissions from Spirit and high vibrations.

There are multiple ways to use Iboga. A flood experience will last 1-3 days, depending on different factors such as the dose and process one is going through. We require clients to microdose for a period beforehand in order to begin the energetic purging and acclimate to the medicine. Some people  choose to solely microdose Iboga to receive the medicine's benefits on a daily basis.

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