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Our community opens their hearts 


If you have stayed at Kambo Casita and would like to share your experience with us please fill in the form on our contact page.

"I came to Costa Rica for a plant medicine retreat but my time at Kambo Casita was so much more! From Kambo to Sananga to Rapé to Ayahuasca to Bufo - I was well-informed about the process of each, beautifully taken care of, and completely safe.  Although each medicine journey is always unique in its own God-purposed way, I'm leaving this heavenly place feeling like I got exactly what I came for. Nadine, Paige, Ivo, and the many supportive staff members were 100% committed to making this trip life-altering, unforgettable, and filled with safe, loving energy from start to finish. I wanted for nothing. My heart has been blessed beyond measure, and I am forever changed from this beautiful experience. Kambo Casita will see me again!"

- Chris D.

"Nadine and her team don't need to say much, you feel their awareness, personal practice, and experience within moments. Nadine Purdy has done the work and you feel her approach is on-going as it should be, she's putting in the work, healing with you as your working on yourself. She facilitated one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, I will be back, and the integration is now the important piece that is in my hands. Don't hesitate, she's authentic, raw, and holds you with love."

- Meghan M.

"There are no words to express what Kambo Casita has meant to me. Working with Nadine has been the most life-shifting experiencing of my life. I have been a student for some time. When the student is ready the teacher appears. Thank you for following your souls path and bringing all your healing modalities and being such a sacred guardian of Mother Earth and all her creatures. Honestly, 5/5 isn't high enough for you! Infinity/5. Forever changed!"

- Casey P.

"Nadine Purdy is a top notch facilitator. Both as someone who has personally received the gift of her guidance and support through an experience with Iboga, and as a plant medicine facilitator myself, I can say with a great deal of confidence that Nadine definitely knows her stuff. She carries out her calling with a combination of integrity, humility, listening & devotion that is far too rare in today's world of insta-shamanism. I've lost count of how many medicine sits I have participated in over the past several years, but I learned quickly to be rigorously selective about who is facilitating, and I never recommend anyone that I would not personally return to over and over. Nadine is on a very short list of people whom I would recommend without hesitation. She has definitely earned my appreciation and respect. Thank you Nadine."

- Levi D.

"Kambo changed my life! It assisted me to let go of my story that I had been carrying with me for over 40 years!! And Nadine was the most amazing Facilitator and caretaker of the frog medicine!! She held space for me and truly took 'care' of me. If you truly are ready to heal contact Nadine!!"

- Rhonda A.

"I became aware of Nadine as one of the foremost practitioners of Kambo and have to say her reputation is more than deserved. That she combines several medicines into one powerful approach is such a blessing for anyone who gets the chance to work with her. Highly recommended!"

- Yokathan Agnus D.

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