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James John (JJ)

Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor, Master Fitness Trainer, Mind-Body Medicine Facilitator, Yoga Therapist, Hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, Psychedelic Integration

JJ has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 25. He began in the Marines Corp as a trainer in hand-to-hand combat and survival swimming instructor and has since been a trainer in kickboxing, yoga, movement therapy, functional fitness, and more.  22 years ago, during a time when JJ was facing his own trials and tribulations he found sobriety, Ayahuasca reinforced his sobriety and through mindfulness, exercise, and philosophical inquiry he maintains his well-being.

JJ’s works with veterans of war, people struggling with drug addictions, and anyone trying to overcome major obstacles in their life, whether it be physical or mental, addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, cancer, attention deficit disorder, or Parkinson’s. 

He draws from an encyclopedia of exercises that challenge the mind and body, learned from 35 years of practice.  His work has taken him to New York City and every corner of the world, including trauma relief programs in Haiti and Gaza with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine.  His clients, who come from every walk of life, all praise JJ’s creative approach, unique presence of being, and dedication to serving others.


JJ's experience includes teaching a variety of meditation practices, exercises, and other mind-body skills to regulate emotions and cope with different degrees stress and trauma.


-ISSA Master Fitness Trainer

-CASAC Certified Alcohol + Substance Abuse Counselor, New York

-Fluence Psychedelic Integration

-NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course (Advanced to Expert)

-Center For Mind Body Medicine advanced practitioner

-UZIT Urban Zen Integrative Therapist

-Nosara Yoga Institute 1000 hour certification

-TacFit Instructor

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