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Kambo Casita is a healing center dedicated to the facilitation of sacred plants and evolution of consciousness. We thank you and welcome you on this journey with us. Located in the lush jungle of Costa Rica overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Kambo Casita holds a safe space for deep, transformational healing using sacred plants, shamanic traditions, energy work, and other tools for the expansion of consciousness. We connect with all divine beings - God, plant spirits, deities, ancestors, light beings, etc. - and invoke them to facilitate multidimensional protection, healing, and liberation.


With deep respect, gratitude, and love,

The Kambo Casita Family


Discover the sacred plant medicines Kambo, Rapé & Sananga, Ayahuasca, Bufo, and Iboga in Sámara, Costa Rica.



Nadine has over 18 years of experience working with plant medicines from around the world.


We offer a professional training programs to connect more deeply with Kambo.



Read about the experiences at Kambo Casita from our community.

You are your own medicine.

You are your own healer.

The plants and animals are our guides and teachers.

We are here to facilitate a safe space for you to remember your essence, release old stories and patterns, and raise your vibration

- Nadine Purdy

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I came seeking deeper meaning, connection with myself, connection with nature and plant medicine. When I arrived, the energy was welcoming and full of love. I knew I had come to the right place for my experience. This experience helped me shed what no longer served me and opened my eyes to new experiences. I feel rejuvenated!

- Carly M. (Kambo, Bufo)

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As much as I feel I understand my spiritual self intellectually, I felt the need to experience my spiritual self on a different level. I have been wanting to try plant medicine for almost 10 years and felt comfortable that Nadine had so much experience in this. I also liked that she offered Daime. Both Nadine and her staff were all so comforting and loving and the space felt safe and sacred. I definitely feel like I released some blocked energy that needed to be unblocked and feel that it will make me lighter out in the world.

- Mia S. (Kambo, Daime)

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