8-day women's


Reclaim Your Joy & Power

Kambo | Ayahuasca | Bufo | Breathwork

January 11 - 18, 2020

Empowering, expansive embodiment

In this time of the great feminine rising, we have come across many women who are seeking to go deeper in their healing. We have been called to create a safe, focused space to hold the healing of emotional and sexual traumas, loss, and chronic illnesses.


In a small group of women, your experience will be highly personalized to journey deeply and release anything holding you back. The medicines and integration experiences weave together to raise your vibration, let go of your story, and embark on the path of consciousness evolution. We will use the healing powers of plants, breath, and movement to liberate old energies, purify our bodies, and reconnect with our essence. This retreat is designed to balance your experience between release, joy, and a deep connection to self.


We incorporate Kambo ceremonies (one included with the option of two more), three Ayahuasca ceremonies, and one Bufo ceremony alongside gentle activities during the day to move and process intense energies that may be felt during the ceremonies.

holistic integration

Integrating your experience throughout the process allows you to gain all that you can from this experience: the medicines begin to bring energies to the surface, while integration allows for you to somatically and consciously make lasting changes in your life.


This experience allows you to experience comfort with and fully connect to your feminine power. Through our carefully curated program, we will transcend any societal programming of competition and jealousy to emerge into a deeper relationship of sisterhood. Our connection to the divine mother through plants and prayer facilitates the learning and teaching experience. In an environment of other women on the same path of healing and evolution, your inner work will be supported by a community that inspires you to understand and grow from any patterns in which you have suppressed or sacrificed yourself.


The following will be offered:

  • Medicine ceremonies (1 Kambo, 3 Ayahuasca/Daime, 1 Bufo)

  • Three group Clarity Breathwork sessions, one of which will take place in the water

  • Meditations on connecting into our womb space, often called the "second heart"

  • Personal astrology reading

  • Floral baths for cleansing and purification

  • Group integration circles and personal support

  • Workshops on awakening to our full potential as women by coming back into harmony with nature, transcending programming, balancing masculine and feminine energies, and understanding our unique paths of service we are to walk

  • Movement exercises to embody our transformation and witness whatever is moving through us

  • Three yoga practices through Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics (SAYT) with Yali McGregor

  • A Pranassage bodywork session with Yali McGregor

Your stay

Tucked into the hillside of Garza, our property overlooks the sea and vibrant jungle. The space is woven with love and high vibrations to be a part of the medicine you receive. Wake up to a vision of morning fog lightly settling on the lush jungle mountains as monkeys swing by and eagles soar overhead. Kambo Casita offers a quiet, comfortable space for our guests to immerse themselves in profound healing.

Our guest house includes a kitchen, private and shared room options, indoor and outdoor living and dining spaces, and an infinity pool. We are a short walk to Garza beach and a 15-minute drive to the central surf and yoga town, Guiones/Nosara. 

Each day, organic meals with fresh juices and coconut water are served by our chef. The food is cooked to provide for gluten free and vegan diets, infused with superfoods, detoxifying ingredients, and love.

Tentative schedule


Arrive by 4pm. Opening Circle. Dinner.


Kambo & light breakfast. Lunch & rest. Group meditation. Flower Bath. Daime.


Integration circle. Yoga. Pranassage. Rest. Workshop & movement. Breathwork. Dinner.


Optional Kambo & light breakfast. Lunch & rest. Group meditation. Yoni steam. Daime.


Integration circle. Yoga. Rest. Pranassage. Workshop & movement. Breathwork. Dinner.


Optional Kambo & light breakfast. Lunch & rest. Workshop & movement. Group meditation. Daime.


Integration circle. Yoga. Lunch. Bufo. Dinner.


Breakfast. Closing circle. Departure by 12pm.

Your Facilitators

Nadine Purdy

Nadine was drawn to the medicine path after experiencing challenging events that caused her to search for new modalities of healing. After Kambo saved her life, there was no question that her journey would be to serve it; as she likes to say, she didn't choose to do this but the medicine chose her. Nadine left the high-intensity fashion world to follow her ancestry's path of medicine women - holding these medicines is in her blood.

Nadine has over 15 years of experience with plant medicines and has trained with many traditions, including those from Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico. Though she has learned from many sources, her foundation is the Santo Daime, an Ayahuasca-based spiritual group that returns to the pure essence of love and light. Nadine draws from these teachings in combination with her own knowledge of Western dis-ease to create a personal, safe space based on the individual receiver. She has experience in supporting the healing of many conditions, from chronic illnesses and cancer to addiction and those looking for spiritual growth.

Nadine is highly skilled in facilitating a safe and sacred space. She incorporates sound and energy healing techniques as guidance throughout your experience. She has been initiated into and holds a sacred contract with each medicine she serves. All the medicine used is ethically sourced from longstanding relationships that have been developed on a mutual respect for the medicine spirits, the energy put into harvesting, and the planet.

Paige DiPrete

As a high-functioning student at Georgetown University, Paige DiPrete was brought to her knees by severe chronic illness. After trying what seemed like every conventional, holistic, and innovative treatment from around the world, a miracle came in the form of plant medicine and breathwork. These modalities opened her eyes to spirit, freedom, and infinite love. From going through her own deep initiation into awakening and healing, her life path and purpose became clear: to guide others to this same remembrance of their pure, whole essence.


Paige has been blessed to study with medicine lineages and healers both Western and indigenous, in the Amazon (Matses, Shipibo, and Santo Daime), Costa Rica, Nepal, and the US. She is also certified in Clarity Breathwork, a gentle style of energetic release and a fusion of Eastern practices, the energetic lightbody, and Somatic Experiencing. Paige also has trained in the energy healing modalities of Reiki, Axiatonal Alignment, and the Emotion Code.

Ivo Juhani

Ivo Juhani is a native of Estonia who lived in New York City for 14 years. He opted for a radical lifestyle change in 2015 when he moved to Costa Rica, where he met the Grandfather Iboga medicine and never looked back. As a veteran of the restaurant and events industry, his experience catering to world visionaries has inspired his eye for sensory design and alternative hedonism, as taught by Elizabeth Destouches. His channeled aesthetics invigorate our space with mindful luxury and nourishing cuisine, influenced by temple and ethno-global simplicity.


Ivo specializes in guest services and works intimately with the medicines to provide a balanced masculine-feminine energy to Kambo Casita. He is certified in Breakthrough Breathwork, a method of meditative breath healing utilizing a circular breathing technique and gentle touch. He is also a veteran of percussion school and a certified provider of Axiatonal Alignment. 

Annie Ladino

Annie Ladino moved from Chicago to New York when she was 18 to pursue a career in fashion. Her creative expression through styling bloomed while working at Elle Magazine and personally styling celebrities. During her Saturn Return, Annie discovered astrology while working alongside Susan Miller, the resident astrologer at Elle Magazine. Her world and spirituality expanded through this understanding of planetary energies. The significance of awareness of cycles and personality expression through astrology in Annie’s own life inspired her to deepen her studies with Rebecca Gordon, the astrologer at Harper's Bazaar. After moving to LA, she continued her studies at Carrol Wrighter Astrological foundation in Hollywood where she met her current mentors.


Annie met Nadine and came to the medicine during a period of her life when she was seeking deep emotional and physical healing. Her passion is to spread this beautiful modality with an accessible, grounded approach to her family, friends, and anyone looking to walk a path of healing and awakening. Now, Annie has the freedom to travel the world and live between Costa Rica, LA, and NY because she was lucky enough to choose a sister who works for an airline. 

Your Investment

Shared Room: $3,550

Private Room (shared shower): $4,150

A deposit of $600 is required to hold your space. Prices do not reflect the VAT charge of 13% if paid through PayPal. 

Additional services

Private Breathwork Sessions

In addition to the group Clarity Breathwork sessions, private 2-hour sessions are available. Each session includes 45-minutes of grounding and sharing, and then over an hour of guided breath supported by Paige. The breathing period includes integration support and energy work to release emotions in a gentle, safe way.

Axiatonal Alignment Energy Work

Axiatonal Lines are energetic meridians that supply our physical bodies with subtle and vital energy. Additionally, they filter other energies we encounter on a daily basis and connect us to the planetary and universal grids. Throughout our lives, these lines become clogged with emotional debris. During the session, light-encoded energy is channeled into your Axiatonal Lines to clear blocked energies and upgrade your body to receive higher energies. This is an evolutionary healing system that can activate spontaneous healing, alleviate physical and emotional ailments, and release karma.

Emotion Code

The Emotion Code takes physical symptoms or past traumas and identifies then releases the responsible emotions. While the conscious mind only has access to about 5-10% of information, this method is a proven way to communicate with the subconscious and other levels of universal awareness. Trapped emotions are brought to your conscious awareness and then cleared through energetic pathways in your system with the use of Nikken magnets, guided meditation, Ho’oponopono forgiveness, shamanic teachings, light frequencies, angel healing, and channeling.

Additional Medicine

Should you wish to experience more medicine during your stay, we offer the option to participate in a Kambo Self Application Course or additional medicine the following week. Please contact us for more information.

Pranassage Bodywork

Pranassage is a synthesis of yoga & bodywork. It is an experience that incorporates assisted streched and body postures. In Pranassage, relaxation is the field in which intuition, meditation, concentration, awareness, integration and healing emerge. A wonderfully healing and intuitive practice rooted in the artful practice of sacred space for human connection.

Detox Treatments

We have a number of detox treatments available at Kambo Casita to support your body. We have found that clearing the body physically of toxins while working with the medicines facilitates the process of emotional release. Available treatments:

  • Daily celery juice
  • Ozone (rectal & vaginal insufflation, water enemas, oils, water, ear treatments)
  • Coffee enemas & suppositories
  • Ionic Footbath
  • Biomats
  • Parasite Zapper
  • Cupping