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Kambo Casita is known all over the world for our healing retreats. We often collaborate with providers from other modalities, weaving together yoga, breathwork, bodywork, and acupuncture to create a holistic experience that facilitates integration and release.

Many retreats include Kambo, Ayahuasca, and Bufo. These modalities work synergistically to detox and cleanse the mind-body-spirit, and then begin the integration process. Each retreat is specifically designed with the participants and location in mind. Additionally, we lead Iboga  and other treatment retreats. 


For more information, please see our upcoming events open to the public, or if you would like to design your own retreat in Costa Rica or your hometown, please contact us.

Wake up to a vision of morning fog lightly settling on the lush jungle mountains as monkeys swing by and eagles soar overhead. Kambo Casita offers a quiet, comfortable space for individuals and small groups to immerse themselves in healing and integration.

The center features two retreat houses with kitchens, 9 beds, private casitas, indoor and outdoor living and dining spaces, and large outdoor communal spaces with two infinity pools. Each day, at least two organic meals with fresh juices and coconut water are served by our vegan chef. The food is cooked to provide for gluten-free and vegan diets, and we can also accommodate if you have any other dietary needs. We are located in Sámara, Costa Rica which is about 30-40 min from Nosara.

If you are visiting Costa Rica, we recommend that you stay at our center while partaking in ceremonies with us to fully commit to your process in the healing energies of the space.

The closest airport to us is Liberia (Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport), which is located about 2 hours away. We recommend using Gypsy Cab as a shuttle, which has rates that start from $45. It is also possible to fly to San José and either rent a car for the 5+ hour drive or fly to Nosara Airport.

We strive to live in a harmonious and symbiotic relationship with our planet, and we ask that guests also respect this through composting, limiting plastic use and other waste, maintaining an energy of peace in the space, and giving thanks to the land.

For more information about staying with us, please contact us.

Staying with Us

If you wish to be gentle with others, be gentle first with yourself.

- Gautama Buddha

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