New year's



An end of year celebration to set intentions for & welcome in the New Year with joy, bliss, & abundance.

Join us for an end of year celebration to purge blockages so we can call in the New Year with a defined focus and open into greater abundance. Over the days leading up to New Year's Day, we will offer Kambo, hold two evening Daime ceremonies and start the year with a bufo. 

  • December 28 - Kambo 

  • December 29 - Kambo 

  • December 30 - Kambo & Daime ceremony

  • December 31 - Daime ceremony

  • January 1st - Bufo


Kambo is a mind-body-spirit medicine that takes you on a transformational journey through healing, deconditioning, and freedom. You purge on physical and energetic levels to release blockages, harmonize your bodily systems, and raise your vibration.

Our Ayahuasca ceremonies are conducted in small, intimate groups of participants from all paths around the world. We serve the sacrament Daime, which is a specialty brew from Jurua, Brazil, and is called "the honey" for its sweet - yet strong - energy.

Ceremony is led by Nadine Purdy and her team of assistants, who support participants and maintain a safe, high vibrational environment. Our utmost priorities are safety and wellbeing for everyone present, both physically and energetically. Our ceremonies are guided accordingly with the use of sound, energetic healing, and support.

Bufo alvarius, also known as Otac, is a toad that lives in Northern Mexico. The toad produces a milky secretion that contains 5-MeO-DMT,  a tryptamine that is naturally occurring in the human brain and is known as the "God Molecule."


Bufo comes from the Seri, an indigenous group in the Sonoran Desert. The use of 5-MeO-DMT can be traced back thousands of years from different plant and animal sources that many cultures used as a direct connection to God.


These medicines work synergistically to detox and cleanse the mind-body-spirit, to create a holistic experience that facilitates integration and release.

Please contact us for more information, including time and location, by email at or by phone/WhatsApp at +1 (347) 324-6759. Once you are confirmed, you will receive a Welcome Packet with forms to complete before your arrival.