About us

About Us
Kambo Casita is a healing center dedicated to the facilitation of sacred plant medicines and evolution of consciousness.
We thank you and welcome you on this journey with us. Located in the lush jungle of Costa Rica overlooking the ocean, Kambo Casita holds a safe space for deep, transformational healing using sacred medicines, shamanic traditions, energy work, and other tools for the expansion of consciousness. We connect with all divine beings - God, plant spirits, deities, ancestors, light beings, etc. - and invoke them to facilitate multidimensional protection, healing, and liberation.
Nadine Purdy originally founded Kambo Casita as a platform for individuals to come together, heal, integrate, and learn. Today, the family has grown to include people across the globe who have entered into this deep process together. We are humbled and honored to be a part of your path and our planet's metamorphosis.
With deep respect, gratitude, and love,
The Kambo Casita Family

Nadine Purdy

Nadine was drawn to the medicine path after experiencing challenging events that caused her to search for new modalities of healing. After Kambo saved her life, there was no question that her journey would be to serve it; as she likes to say, she didn't choose to do this but the medicine chose her. Nadine left the high-intensity fashion world to follow her ancestry's path of medicine women - holding these medicines is in her blood.

Nadine has over 15 years of experience with plant medicines and has trained with many traditions, including those from Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico. Though she has learned from many sources, her foundation is the Santo Daime, an Ayahuasca-based spiritual group that returns to the pure essence of love and light. Nadine draws from these teachings in combination with her own knowledge of Western dis-ease to create a personal, safe space based on the individual receiver. She has experience in supporting the healing of many conditions, from chronic illnesses and cancer to addiction and those looking for spiritual growth.

Nadine is highly skilled in facilitating a safe and sacred space. She incorporates sound and energy healing techniques as guidance throughout your experience. She has been initiated into and holds a sacred contract with each medicine she serves. All the medicine used is ethically sourced from longstanding relationships that have been developed on a mutual respect for the medicine spirits, the energy put into harvesting, and the planet.